Stephen Goodman, Patron of Parnell Heritage

Stephen has had a long family history in Parnell.  The family has lived almost continuously in the area since his grandparents moved here in the early 1930’s.  Having “Robbie”, Sir Dove-Myer Robinson, as a great-uncle, a father who was an Auckland Councillor for 11 years, as well as being Deputy Mayor, and a mother who was Mayoress for 12 years and then an Auckland Councillor for a further 12 years, it was inevitable that he would take an active interest in the local community.  He has a strong belief in ensuring Parnell remains the best suburb in which to live and that its past is not forgotten.

Stephen’s involvements include:

  • 19 years on the Parnell Community Committee, including chair
  • Hobson Community Board
  • Ewelme Cottage Management
  • Kinder House Committee
  • Founding member of Parnell Heritage Committee in 2005 and, later, its chair.


So there is no doubt that Stephen is committed to represent local interests and residents.  He strives to preserve our heritage and respect property rights.  He is an advocate for a vibrant, culturally diverse and safe community for everyone to enjoy.