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The history of Parnell Heritage
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About Parnell Heritage

Parnell Heritage’s purpose, as defined by its constitution, is to further the preservation, study, knowledge and dissemination of information about the heritage of Parnell, with an emphasis on the people, space, buildings, natural environment and history, all of which combine to define the heritage of Parnell.

We host regular presentations showcasing Parnell’s history, walking tours of places of interest, and other heritage related events. Your support, either through membership or donation, will help to achieve our aims. We have many interesting projects for you and your family to become involved with – or just come along and learn more about Parnell’s heritage.

The Parnell Heritage Incorporated Society held its first official meeting on 17 March 2005, when 33 people gathered at the historic Strand Hotel. Since that formative gathering, the Society has grown into one of the largest in New Zealand, with over 150 members.

Parnell Heritage faces multiple challenges, not the least of which are developers’ wishes to eliminate what remains of Parnell’s rich architectural heritage, and the lack of awareness amongst residents and visitors of the suburb’s wonderful history.

Parnell Heritage is determined to keep lobbying to save as many old buildings as possible and to keep recording our history so that residents, visitors and future generations can appreciate what Parnell has to offer. We will continue seeking benefactors and volunteers to help achieve our goal of recording and promoting the heritage of our wonderful suburb.

The Society has made a commitment to purchase small historical items relating to Parnell, to ensure they stay in the suburb, and eventually they will be displayed at the centre. The largest sum that has been paid for an item has been $1,500 for a lithograph of Conquest Place (now Gladstone Road) and a similar amount for a lovely small carved wooden pou (post), which was originally at the Queen Victoria School in Glanville Terrace. We are keen to secure smaller items including postcards, prints and photographs and associated memorabilia. If you have an item relating to Parnell that you wish to donate to the Society or you have an oral history story you wish to share, then please contact us at enquiries@parnellheritage.org.nz.

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What We Do

Heritage Advocacy

We champion heritage-related causes and regularly make submissions to Auckland Council on zoning and protection for local heritage properties.

Workshops & Presentations

We run a number of locally-focused workshops and presentations with a wide range of specialists on different topics from history to current events.

Archival Work

Many of our members are actively engaged in purchasing items related to Parnell’s rich past and compiling a full archival history of the suburb.

Community Engagement

We host and participate in many local events and festivals, organising guided walks around the suburb, archival film screenings and visits to heritage sites.

Our goal is to preserve and protect the people and places of Parnell Join Us

Our Supporters

Like most historical societies in New Zealand, Parnell Heritage has struggled to obtain sufficient funds to fulfil its wide array of commitments. The Society secured Charitable Trust status in 2009 to assist its fundraising activities. We are indebted to numerous individuals and organisations which have supported us since our formative days. These include:

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Our 2022/23 Projects

  • Parnell Heritage – Character of Parnell
  • Heritage Records Archiving – digitising
  • Heritage homes – plaques