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November 2016

Parnell Rose Festival

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What an amazing event this is!  And our stall was a great success, especially with our very rare Parnell Heritage roses on sale.  We were offering rose tea and it was great to speak to so many people interested in all aspects of Parnell past and present.

Yes, it was windy to start with and a few drops of rain, but then the sun came out for most of the day.  The rose gardens are magnificent with abundant beautiful roses wherever you look.  A steady stream of people of all ages enjoyed the event, along with several pets, and an amazing variety of delicious snacks and fruit ice creams were on offer too.

So a thoroughly enjoyable day for us all!

Launch of Journal No. 6

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A Shakespearean-themed launch of Journal No. 6 was held at the Parnell Library on 27th October 2016.  Over sixty people enjoyed a very convivial evening with excellent refreshments and company.

As one of the journal’s articles covers the Parnell Shakespeare Club that was founded in the winter of 1883, it was fitting that Miles Gregory, Director of the Auckland Globe Pop-Up Theatre, gave an address, and actor Adrian Hooke delighted us all with two Shakespearean soliloquys.  To complete the theme, we were grateful to the Librarian at ACG Parnell College who lent us the Shakespeare photo booth, created by the students at the College.

The journal has many interesting articles and, as with previous issues, is a unique and well-presented record of our history. Copies can be bought online – simply email giving your name, postal address and copy(ies) required.  Issue 6 costs $12 to Parnell Heritage members, or $15 to non-members, and previous journals cost $10 each.  Payment should be made to 06-0237-0114081-00, or cheques made out to ‘Parnell Heritage’ and sent to PO Box 37100, Parnell, 1151.