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Parnell Heritage Journals and Cards for purchase.

Parnell Heritage Journals

Fascinating Records of Auckland’s First Suburb

Journal Issue 1 Includes:
– Forward by C.K. Stead
– Local hitching post dating from 1870’s
– Henry Matthew Nation, the first Mayor of Parnell
– Arthur Astin, WWI veteran and Museum stonemason
– Te Rauparaha’s internment on the Domain

Journal Issue 2 Includes:
– John Logan Campbell’s Kilbryde
– The Fitt Family 1845 – 1918
– Auckland Domain established in 1844
– William and Ann Boyd, early settlers of Parnell

Journal Issue 3 Includes:
– Robert Tod and the naming of Parnell
– Thomas Hancock, founder of the brewing empire
– Artist Don Binney
– Auckland Bowling Club

Journal Issue 4 Includes:
– Parnell and World War I
– Charles Heaphy
– Bishop Selwyn’s buildings
– Auckland’s Maori Hostelry

Journal Issue 5 Includes:
– Origins of Parnell Rose Gardens
– Charles Lorraine, Balloonist of Parnell
– Dressmaker Sarah Rugg
– Major von Tempsky – adventurer, artist, soldier and folk hero.

Journal Issue 6 Includes:
– Parnell Shakespeare Club
– Miss Chatty Atkyns, belle of Parnell
– History of Parnell Lawn Tennis Club
– Two unique Parnell buildings dating from 1848.

Parnell Heritage Greeting Cards

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To buy journals and cards, please email giving your name, postal address and the item/quantities required.

Please pay online to: 06 0237 0114081-00, using your surname + ‘Journal’ as reference. Cheques can be made out to “Parnell Heritage” and mailed to PO Box 37100, Parnell, 1151.

– Set of Journals 1 to 5: $20
– Single Journal: $10ea
– Journal 6: $15ea
– Pack of 4 Cards with envelopes: $10
– Individual Cards with envelopes: $3ea
– Please add $3.50 for postage

Also Journals may be bought at Paper Plus, 213 Parnell Road, or the White Heron Dairy, 64 Gladstone Road, Parnell.